Mongolia Stage Race

The race

Mongolia Stage Race is an adventure experience, open both to runners and trekkers, that will take place entirely in the lonely steppes of Mongolia. It is a unique event that allows you to spend every night under the roof of a traditional Mongolian ger (yurt), know the tastes of a region, and immerse in incredible landscapes.
All the stages will enable every participant to discover mountains, unspoiled rivers, isolated lakes, remote dunes and sceneries of unusual beauty.
RUN or TREK with an small backpack! We carry everything for you. Local people prepare dinner for us. You only have to ENJOY EVERY MINUTE.

Experience the adventure

11TH-16TH OF AUGUST 2019

6 days Running / Trekking

August 11th-16th, 2019

Enjoy running along the Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park and the Orkhon Valley intermingling between wild animals. Live your dream!

3 days Running / Trekking

August 11th-13th, 2019

What’s your excuse? Deers, boars, horses, sheeps, yaks along the path. Orange mountains, green grass, and white rivers. Prepare you back pack and come!

3 days Running / Trekking + 3 days Companion

August 11th-16th, 2019

All participants / companions have the chance to experience the Mongolian landscapes from the beginning to the end of this adventure.

3 days Companion / 6 days Companion

August 11th-13/16th, 2019

Every participant can be accompanied by relatives or friends that want to assist and support him at the beginning and at the end of every stage.

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