2019 Entry fees

Mongolia Stage Race 2019

August 11th-16th, 2019

Elsen Tasarkhai -> Lago Ugii -> Valle Orkhon -> Tsetserleg -> Termas Tsenkher -> Barbacoa -> Estación de invierno nómadas -> Karakorum

6 days running / trekking | August 11th-16th, 2019 | Elsen Tasarkhai -> Karakorum
3 days running + 3 days companion | August 11th-16th, 2019 | Elsen Tasarkhai -> Karakorum
6 days companion | August 11th-16th, 2019 | Elsen Tasarkhai -> Karakorum


Spot Runner / Trekker
6 days
Runner 3 days
& Companion 3 days
6 days
First 10 €2450 €1950 €2450 €1950 €1600
Spots 11-30 €2450 €2250 €2450 €2250 €1600
Spots 31+ €2450 €2450 €1600
Spot Runner / Trekker
6 days
First 10 €2450 €1950
Spots 11-30 €2450 €2250
Spots 31+ €2450

Spot Runner 3 days
& Companion 3 days
First 10 €2450 €1950
Spots 11-30 €2450 €2250
Spots 31+ €2450

Spot Companion
6 days
First 10 €1600
Spots 11-30 €1600
Spots 31+ €1600

Children under 2 years old: NO pay

Children under 8 years old: 50% discount

Children under 12 years old: 20% discount

Places limited to 100 participants

Enrolled list

Secure your place

A deposit of €500 is required to secure a place. Please, create an account, complete the registration form and make the payment. You may pay the deposit by Credit Card or bank transfer. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.
If any information you do not know and it is mandatory for the registration, complete with transitory information and update it before June 30, 2019.

Payment schedule

Until December 31th, 2018

  • Complete the general information of the competitor / companion online.
  • €500 minimum payment of the registration fee by card or bank transfer (€500 deposit due at registration – no refunds).
  • The balance must be paid in 2 installments according to the following timetable: 50% on March 31, 2019 and June 30, 2019.
  • On June 30, 2019 - the participant online administrative record must be complete.

If places available up to March 31, 2019

  • Complete the general information of the competitor / companion online.
  • €500 minimum payment of the registration fee by card or bank transfer (€500 deposit due at registration – no refunds).
  • The balance must be paid in 2 installments according to the following timetable: 50% on March 31, 2019 and June 30, 2019.
  • On June 30, 2019 - the participant online administrative record must be complete.

If places available up to June 30, 2019

  • Complete the general information of the competitor / companion online.
  • Payment of € 500 + 50% of the rest of the registration with a card or bank transfer (€500 deposit due at registration – no refunds).
  • The remaining 50% must be paid before June 30, 2019.
  • On June 30, 2019 - the participant online administrative record must be complete.

What is included

Registration to the event for the year 2019
Invitation letter to enter Mongolia and participate in the event
Two hotel nights in Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia capital): on arrival (August 9) and for the night of the sixth day of competition (August 16)
6 nights in gers. Night before the start of the competition and the following five nights (August 10 - August 15)
Pre and post running race shuttles
Daily drop bag service
Breakfast, full refreshment (at the finish line) and dinner at each stage location
Stages marked to follow the course
Water during the running race / walking
Showers with hot water in each camp
24 hour medical support
Finishers gift
Opportunity to meet running friends from around the world

What is not included

Round trip air tickets to Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia capital)
Trains to Ulaan Baatar
Entry visa to Mongolia (for those nationalities that need it - consult with the Mongolian embassy / consulate in your country)
Extra drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks...)
Solid food during the race
Personal medical travel insurance
Everything which is not indicated in WHAT IS INCLUDED

Visa information

Please ensure that you have adequate VISA for your travel according to your passport and travel itinerary

Regulations policy

Please read carefully!


1. Conditions of participation

Participants must be experienced runners and be in excellent physical condition to participate in the Mongolia Stage Race. Participants must, obligatorily, be in possession of a personal accident insurance which covers the cost of search and rescue and evacuation in Mongolia. Minimum age to participate is 18 years. Participants older 15 years of age are permitted only in the case that the parent or legal guardian of the minor participates in the event.

2. Rules

All participants must read, understand and obey the 'OFFICIAL RULES AND REGULATIONS', which can be found below.

3. Liability

The organizers, sponsors, volunteers and event personnel are not responsible for any injury or damage that may occur during the event, cancellations, delays or re-routing due to environmental concerns. Each participant will be required to sign a waiver upon registration declaring that they take full responsibility for risk of injury, and any lost or stolen items.

4. Gift

All finishers will receive a gift at end of the race / walk.

5. Categories

The Mongolia Stage Race has two categories: Open Men and Open Women.

6. Luggage

The luggage of each participant must be identified with their start number. It should be used to store clothing, personal belongings, and personal snacks for the duration of the race / walk.

Each participant must drop-off his/her luggage at the transportation truck on the morning of each stage (location and time will be announced). All luggage will be transported to the next stage location where they can be picked up on arrival at the day’s finish. We can only transport one bag for each participant and will not accept any additional items.

7. Accommodations

Registration includes campsite accommodation (ger) during the race / walk. A ger is a traditional round shaped dwelling that has been used since the Mongols started nomadic life. Ger accommodation is 2-per ger. Gers usually will have a diameter of 4-5 meters approximately.

Two extra hotel nights are provided for the arrival day, and following the finish of the race / walk (the evening of the last day of racing).

8. Participant support

Participants may bring friends, family or other support during the race / walk.

9. 2019 Stages

  • August 11: Dunes Elsen Tasarkhai
  • August 12: Lake Ugii - Orkhon Valley
  • August 13: Tsetserleg - Hot spring water Tsenkher
  • August 14: Hot spring water Tsenkher - Barbecue nomadic
  • August 15: Nomadic winter season - Karakorum
  • August 16: Karakorum - Karakorum

Note: Staging locations are subject to change and the competent Authority of Mongolia approval.

10. GPS

The Mongolia Stage Race is a running race / trek where participants will follow a preset route with the help of course markings. For this reason, we recommend that every participant carry a GPS device unit to assist with route finding in case you lose the markings. Please note that we use a variety of devices for calculating distance and elevation gain, and measurements may not match your personal measurements. Data may vary due to differences in personal calibrations and measurement methods.

Due to the possibility of last minute route changes, we will provide GPS files in advance only few days before starting the event.

11. Catering

Included in the race package, each participant will receive a breakfast, a post race meal and a dinner each day. It is recommended that you carry your own snacks if you require extra food. Mongolia Stage Race will provide only water.

12. Airport shuttles

Shuttles to the start and from the finish will be available for participants without an additional charge. Transfers need to be booked in advance of the race. Please read the Race Info section of the website for more information. Transfers may be offered by Mongolia Stage Race or by a third party.

13. Health & travel insurance

Participants must be in good health and be experienced, well-trained trail-runners. All participants are responsible for their own health and travel insurance. In the case that a search and rescue or medical evacuation is required, the participant is responsible for any expenses incurred. Ask your local insurance provider to recommend a specialized travel insurance provider who can provide coverage. Your insurance should cover Air Ambulance service, and should not exclude athletic competition.

14. Sponsorship & branding

Participants may wear sponsor logos on their clothing. They can not change, cut, fold, or alter the start numbers supplied by Mongolia Stage Race.

15. Rights for images

Every participant expressly forgoes the right for any images during the event, just as they renounce any right of appeal to the organisers and their partners for the use of their image. Only the organisation can transfer this right for images to any media, via an accreditation or relevant license.


1. Ranking

All participants of the Mongolia Stage Race must check in at the start, at all check points, and at the finish. If this does not occur, the participant will not be considered in the daily results.

Runners must start every stage to maintain official ranking. Runners not classified at one stage can not compete on the overall results, but may continue with other stages.

2. Bib numbers

Bib numbers must be pinned to the front of the body between the chest and the waist. The sponsor placement on the start numbers must be seen and no additional advertising may be added.

3. Start

The start call-up begins 20 minutes before the starting time specific to each stage. The daily briefing for all participants begins 15 minutes prior to the start time. Note that there is also a daily course briefing each evening, going over the next day’s stage.

The start will remain open up to 5 minutes after the start time listed for each day. Runners that start after the designated start time, will be measured according to the official start time.

4. Check points

During each stage there will be one to two mandatory check points where runners / trekkers must report into the Check Point. Participants who do not pass one of the check points (for example because they have lost their way), will receive a time penalty of 60 minutes for each check point missed. The jury reserves the right to impose a higher or lower time penalty in special cases.

5. Finish

At the finish of each stage, the participants must check in with the Timing Team. The official finish time of the stage is recorded here.

Runners or trekkers who arrive at the finish after the finish time limit due to exhaustion, repairs, injury, etc., but who are still on foot under their own power will receive the maximum racing time (from official starting time to finish-time) plus 60 minutes. They are eligible to continue racing the following day. Each participant must run or walk the entire distance of every stage to qualify for a Finisher gift.

6. Withdrawal from a stage

Participants who cannot continue the race must inform the organizers of their decision by contacting one of the below mentioned event personnel. Failure to inform the organization may cause a search and rescue action. The cost for this action will be charged to the participant.

In the event you need to withdraw from the race you must contact one of the following immediately:

  • MSR Medical Team
  • MSR personnel at one of the Check Points
  • The Start Line or Finish Line
  • Race Office
  • Call the emergency number in your bib number

7. Food and beverage

All participants are responsible for their own food and beverages while on the race course. The organizers will provide water at the check points.

Each participant must commit him/herself to protect the environment and not to leave any garbage along the route. Purposely littering the route or causing harm to the environment can be cause for elimination from the race.

8. Safety equipment

For safety purposes, participants are asked to carry the following recommended equipment:

  • Rainwear (rain jacket and long pants)
  • Warm clothing (fleece, sweater or similar) because weather in the Mongolia can change by the minute
  • Warm hat and gloves
  • 1 small first aid kit / tape for blisters
  • 1 survival blanket
  • Sun-screen
  • GPS device with track race included

The following mandatory equipment will be checked on all participants at the start of every stage:

  • Jacket
  • Hat covering the ears
  • Gloves
  • Survival blanket

Participants not carrying the required equipment will not be permitted to start the stage.

9. General

The organizer reserves the right to penalize or disqualify participants when one of the following applies:

  • Participant health problems
  • Violating rules and regulations of the event
  • Unfair or unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Any disregard for the environment

10. Environmental regulations

Littering of any kind is prohibited. This includes gel and energy bar wrappers and applies to the race course, as well as camps and staging locations.

Washing clothing in rivers, streams and lakes is prohibited.

Every participant who is caught disregarding the environmental rules above will be penalized with a two (2) hour time penalty at first offense and disqualification at second offense.

In the case of major environmental concerns (fire bans, wildlife, flooding etc.) Mongolia Stage Race has the right to cancel, delay or reroute the race. Participants will not be reimbursed in an environmental situation that is out of Mongolia Stage Race’ control. In case of cancellation of a race leg, participants will be brought to the next stage location.

11. Protest and jury

Each participant can file protest against another participant for disregarding the rules or against decisions of the race director. Protests can be filed in the Race Office up to one hour after the finish time limit. Witnesses should be named. A jury of three members appointed by the Event Director will debate the protest and render a decision prior to the start of the next stage.

12. Liability

Each participant is responsible for his/her own safety and security. The organizers, sponsors and event personnel are in no way liable for injury or damage incurred to the participants. A stipulation to participation in the event is that the runner agrees to take responsibility for risks against his/her person and his/her belongings when participating in the race, and give up any right to claim from persons, institutions, or companies running the Mongolia Stage Race.


There is a €500 deposit due at registration – no refunds.

The due date of the last payment is June 30, 2019. All Deferrals and Substitutions of participants will be subject to a €100 admin fee.

For cancellations prior to April 1, 2019 everything paid will be refunded except the deposit of €500. For cancellations made during the period April 1 to June 30, 2019 everything paid will be refunded except the deposit €500 plus a €700 admin fee.


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